2015 Your Year Ahead: Virgo/Pisces Eclipses

blue haired woman blowing wishesA new eclipse cycle begins in 2015 cutting across the Virgo-Pisces axis of the zodiac and these two eclipses are Solar or New Moon eclipses.

The first takes place on March 20th [29 Pisces 27] and the second takes place on September 13th [20 Virgo 10]. Plus the north node enters Virgo on October 10th 2015. 

The nodes are always in the same signs as each eclipse cycle and this particular cycle continues until 2017. Eclipse symbolism is powerful as it’s an awesome experience to witness the light of the Moon or Sun being obscured.

In ancient times eclipses were viewed as a bad omen but in modern times people are divided on the meaning of an eclipse. For some, they represent power points of energy when our spiritual awareness is heightened and a Solar Eclipse is an opportunity to sweep out the old and create super-charged powerful new beginnings.

If you have key planets and angles in Virgo and Pisces, then this eclipse cycle and the north node entering Virgo will be most important for you. Yet for everyone, this axis of the zodiac highlights themes of service and sacrifice that will be foreground during the next few years.

At their best the signs of Virgo and Pisces tap you in to the rituals of daily life, you’re grateful for what you have, understand that less is more and you want to actively seek out a spiritual or devotional element to your own life.

Food and harvest are Virgo themes and Pisces rules the sea and liquids. How we share what we have with each other; how the earth feeds and nourishes us; how we create a sustainable environment; how we care for the vulnerable in our society. All these issues are likely to fall under sharper focus during the next two and half years.

There’s more on what the Virgo/Pisces eclipses and their themes of service and sacrifice means for you and your star sign in my ebook, Your 2015 Stars. Click on the link below to order your personal copy.

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