2015 Your Year Ahead: Venus Retrograde

Love padlocksThe love planet Venus turns retrograde this year, i.e. is giving the illusion of moving backwards in the heavens from July 25th – September 6th 2015.

Venus turns retrograde on July 25th at 0 Virgo 46 and turns direct on September 6th at 14 Leo 23.

Traditionally, Venus retrograde is not the best time to marry but if you have already booked the date, don’t panic. Venus makes some lovely connections throughout the time it’s retrograde so choose your date carefully and you can still enjoy wedded bliss.

One amazing benefit of Venus’ retrograde motion is the fact that Venus makes not one but three conjunctions with Jupiter. This is lovely as Venus and Jupiter are the benefics of the heavens, the best planets which promise expansive love, happiness, blessings and gifts. Here are the all important dates and degrees of the Venus/Jupiter love party.

Venus conjunct Jupiter [21 Leo] – July 1st 2015 

Venus conjunct Jupiter [28 Leo] – August 4th 2015

Venus conjunct Jupiter [15 Virgo] – October 25th 2015

If you have key planets/angles within 2 degrees of any of the above conjunctions, Venus and Jupiter together are a blessing and the dates above are perfect for a celebration or party and giving and receiving love. They promise riches and abundance.

When Venus is on go slow in the heavens, love turns inwards and it’s more a time for contemplation than out-and-out action. You may be reflecting on love, waiting for someone or making up your own mind. Take your time and go with the flow and be ready to act once Venus turns direct early September.

There’s more on what Venus retrograde means for you and your star sign in my ebook, Your 2015 Stars. Click on the link below to order your personal copy.

22 thoughts on “2015 Your Year Ahead: Venus Retrograde”

  1. Suzanne Browne

    Hi Sally,
    Im a scorpio, and the first venus conjunct jupiter at 21 leo falls directly on my natal uranus in the 11th house. I have a grand fixed square at 21-22 degrees of sun/scorpio 2nd which also conjunct mars at 17 in the 2nd,, moon Taurus 8th, Chiron in aquarius in the 5th.
    Ref the uranus/pluto squares, i have my ascendant/descendant angles at 12 of the cardinal signs and MC/IC at 14 of cardinal….lots of inner shifts and new beliefs are appearing. Dreams show me many new surprizes, new work possibilities, and it seems to be “sudden”…..jupiter has gone over my uranus twice in its rxt, and at the venus junction will be the 3rd time. Is this the marker that im waiting for?

    11-15-1959 3:229 am tarrytown ny westchester

    1. hi Suzanne, thank you for your comment and sorry for the late reply. I was ‘eclipsed’ (see my post Have You Been Eclipsed to find out more!) Life is now much calmer. I hope things have been ok for you with the recent eclipse triggering the angles of your chart. Often real game-changers when that happens and with Uranus involved, often unexpected. Yes, it’s often the 3rd and final transit of a planet that’s most powerful. I love Jupiter over Uranus – it often brings in exciting stuff, sudden shifts, moments of genius. etc. Good luck. best, Sally

  2. The second Venus/Jupiter conjunction will happen one degree away from my IC. The first conjunction will be sextile my Ascendant. As far as Venus related issues go, I am applying for scholarships now, and am looking for a relationship. Would this Venus retrograde and the Jupiter conjunctions affect those areas?

    1. Thanks for your comment. Love will be an interesting one with the Venus/Jupiter conjunctions and Venus retrograde during the summer. It’s certainly going to be a peak time for a lot of people with love stories to tell. The IC is about home and family rather than linked to love or scholarships in your chart so I can’t say more for you personally. Happiness around these areas with the Venus/Jupiter and perhaps dissatisfaction with your home when Venus is retrograde, certainly not a time to be spending money on your home. It depends what houses Venus and Jupiter rule whether this is also linked to love and education for you – then you can make specific predictions. Hope that helps. best, Sally

  3. Hi Sally, I plan to marry durning Venus retrograde. Can you suggest a date. Also I didn’t want to marry during the waning moon. Can you give some advice.

    Many thanks in advance.

    1. hi Maria, that is quite a complex question you’re asking. It depends a lot on your own chart and the chart of your partner. You need to consider where planets are and how they pick up your own planets/angles too to make a decision. I can do this for you but there would be a charge as it’s a lot of work. Email me privately if you’re interested. best, Sally

  4. I’m a Virgo and my relationship suddenly and surprisingly ended. He is a little uncertain but wasn’t earlier on. He is a Sagittarius. Does Venus retrograde have to do with this and is there hope for reconciliation after the Venus Jupiter transition?

    1. Sagittarius-Virgo isn’t the most compatible of combinations. Sagittarius loves their freedom and always see the bigger picture whereas Virgo focuses more on day-to-day happiness and satisfaction. The answer to your question is ‘yes, possibly’ Venus retrograde will be linked to your split. If anything you would need to wait until October when Venus is back in Virgo along with Jupiter and it depends what degree your Sun/any other Virgo planets are at. However, there will be other factors involved, e.g. where’s your partner’s Sun Sagittarius? Have they experienced a Saturn transit yet as Saturn has been in early degrees Sagittarius. That can bring about a confidence crisis, ending, etc. So really you need to look at the bigger picture for a fuller explanation and to see when/if you might get back together. best, Sally

  5. Since Venus’s station Retro is so close to Saturn’s station Direct, I wonder how they’ll “play into” each other’s energies.

    1. Interesting what you say. Venus will square Saturn three times, twice from Leo (Scorpio) and once from Virgo (Sagittarius). It does feel like a time when you need to get serious about love/analyse your love situation or a similar scenario. Thanks for your comment and I will hopefully be able to comment about it more once it begins to play out/show in the world. best, Sally

  6. I wish I understood more of the greek you guys are speaking….because maybe I would understand why so many things are going wrong in my life all of a sudden…..it’s all at once…like when you open the oven door and a gust of really hot air hits you in the face. I was doing a search to see if venus was in retrograde or something….not that I really know what that means either.

    1. hi Carrie, sorry to hear things are going wrong for you at the moment. Sometimes life’s like that, you have a wave of bad luck and then you’re on the up again. Just like the planets – good timing, bad timing. Sending you positive vibes. best, Sally

  7. Hi there sally. I am sagg sun, virgo moon, rising scorpio. My boyfriend and i just split at the very end of june 2015, in a weird sorta ubrupt way, which was confusing and still doesnt have full ‘closure’. With that being said, his bday is sept 23. Libra? or libra virgo cusp? I was wondering if because venus rules libra, how retrograde will affect him and especially in relation to this split.. just wanted some insight..

    1. hi Christie, I’m sorry to hear about your split. Always painful. It might well be that this isn’t the end because this is Venus’ time and she’s currently involved in a dance in the heavens with Jupiter. Your split happened close to the first Venus/Jupiter conjunction on 1st July so once Venus turns retrograde on July 25th and Venus meets Jupiter again on August 4th, you might find that your boyfriend gets back in touch. If you feel you want to try and reach out to him, then either of those dates would be good to try. Take things slowly though because Venus only turns direct on September 6th. Hopefully Venus retrograde will help you understand more about what you want and need with regard to love too. It’s often an inner process. Don’t forget to love yourself too, that’s hugely important with Venus retrograde 🙂 Sending you best wishes, Sally

  8. Hi Sally, I have Venus at 1:56 Virgo as part of a stellium in my 1st house. The August Jupiter/Venus conjunction happened at my natal Jupiter, so I think that was my Jupiter return. My question is will I have two Venus returns due to the retrograde, or is Venus not moving far enough into Virgo for that? Thanks!

    1. hi Anne, thanks for your question. Venus turns retrograde at 0:46 Virgo so it doesn’t quite get to your own Venus although you might experience something Venus-related on or around July 25th. Venus rules love, money, pleasure, beauty, the feminine principle. Your Venus return proper is on October 10th but Jupiter will be conjunct your Venus before then, August 20th. Hope Jupiter’s bringing you some abundance, good times your way 🙂 The 1st house rules your personal goals, your image and appearance. best, Sally

  9. What does this mean for us Venus ruled folks? I’m a Taurus, so I am actually interested in what this could mean for me? I was born during a Mercury Retrograde and I don’t normally have good luck during the Mercury Retrograde. I’m hoping this means something different for this Venus Retrograde?

    1. hi Trista, Mercury and Venus retrograde are both very different although any retrograde phase is a time to review, turn inward, learn on a deep level. This Venus retrograde phase will be important for you being Venus-ruled and this is specifically about your home/family/past and also re-evaluating what brings you joy. The perfect time to rethink anything related to love/children/creativity too. Notice what happens this coming weekend when Venus turns retrograde. Sending best wishes, Sally

  10. Hello, I posted about the Venus retrograde and scholarships and relationships earlier. Turns out I have received no scholarships so far, but I did get a grant that covered my entire tuition for next school year.

    And, I have met someone, and we like each other – but due to professional involvements, we cannot openly date until August 20 at the earliest.

    Venus rules my 12th house — and all 30 degrees of Libra are intercepted in my 5th house. Jupiter rules my 7th house. Ironically, the Venus retro began on a tight conjunction with the Sun of the man I like.

    Any further thoughts?

    1. Interesting that you can’t date until August 20th at least – that has a feel of Venus retrograde about it. The turning point for the relationship is likely to be mid-October when Venus is back at 0 Virgo. Note what happens on August 26th too when the Sun and Jupiter come together in early degrees Virgo – that will help guide you whether the relationship is right for you. Sending you best wishes, Sally

  11. Sorry if I’m bugging you – but there’s just one more thing I’d like to ask you in this regard:

    The man I like made an admission recently that had me questioning whether or not I want to have anything to do with him. My intuition tells me that everything is fine, but that’s a far cry from knowing for sure. About Aug. 26, unless we exchange phone numbers prior to the 20th, our chances of seeing each other again are very slim (and definitely not on Aug. 26). Would the Venus/Jupiter conjunction on Aug. 4 indicate anything in this regard?

    I’ll note that we first saw each other back in May, but circumstances kept us from speaking to each other. It’s a very complicated situation (I’m dealing with hard Pluto transits to my Sun and Moon, so that figures). This retrograde came at a bad time.

    1. hi Yu, what you say about the man is interesting that he said something you weren’t sure about. I do think it’s always important to trust what happens right at the start of any relationship as these question marks are usually very important and tell you a lot about what might happen. So today is the Venus/Jupiter conjunction. The problem is Saturn is very closely square to Venus too so it’s not as helpful as it could be. I do think you have to be patient, wait and not make any final decisions about this man until Venus turns direct early September. Hope that helps. Sending best wishes, Sally

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