2015 Your Year Ahead: Saturn Enters Sagittarius

saturnAs 2015 begins Saturn has left Scorpio behind and moved into Sagittarius – Hallelujah! – where it remains throughout 2015 and beyond excepting the three-month period in the middle of the year when Saturn dips back into Scorpio: June 15th until September 18th 2015.

Saturn in Sagittarius is an easier energy as mutable fire (Sagittarius) is very different to fixed water (Scorpio). In Sagittarius, you can negotiate with Saturn and appeal to Saturn’s side of authority that loves truth and justice, Sagittarius themes.

Saturn adds commitment to your quest and Sagittarius wants to travel, learn, explore, see the world and save the world. Saturn can ground Sagittarius’ wanderlust nature and ensure that you see things through whether you’re planning a sabbatical, a world trip or you want to enter politics, a religious order, become a published author or a legal expert.

Sagittarius rules all these areas of life but remember too that whatever you begin will entail hard work and your nose will be kept to the grindstone as Saturn demands results. Saturn lays down the law so some major organisations will have to pull up their socks or get caught out whilst Saturn is in Sagittarius. It could be a tough few years for politics, religion, publishing, the travel industry, universities or the Law. Expect new rules and regulations and some major re-structuring.

Saturn remains in Sagittarius until late 2017 so perfect timing if you’re embarking on a 3 year college course or career project. Gaining new qualifications is perfect for Saturn’s ‘head down, bum up’ mentality.

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