2015 Your Year Ahead: Neptune A Sea-Change

Neptune God of the SeaNeptune is in Pisces throughout 2015, a powerful planetary placing for the God of the Sea. Neptune makes waves later on in 2015 when it opposes Jupiter in Virgo on September 17th and squares Saturn in Sagittarius on November 26th 2015.

A powerful T-square in the heavens that combines Jupiter and Neptune, co-rulers of Pisces, with sensible Saturn. Those flights of fancy, that vivid imagination and yearning for enchantment need to be grounded in reality.

Saturn pulls you back to the earth, tugs on your desire to loose anchor and sail away into the distant yonder. What this combination will bring remains to be seen but it suggests a sea-change, a chance to surf the waves and to find your personal release to escape from Saturn’s bindings. At it’s best, our longing for a more compassionate/spiritual/all-encompassing/blissful world can take practical form.

We shall see what 2015 brings. Here’s hoping that we can uphold all that’s positive in our lives and use the shifting upward-lifting planetary energy to feel empowered to make a difference and create a better world for one another.

That potential is there with the Neptune square & opposition but it’s important to keep one foot on the ground and ensure you have an anchor ready to cast off before you get completely carried away with flights of fantasy or emotional overwhelm.

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