2015 Your Year Ahead: Mercury Retrograde

Black & white photo telephone exchangeMercury Retrograde can be the planetary equivalent of communication chaos as the communication planet retreats through the zodiac.

This trickster phenomenon takes place three times throughout the year for three weeks at a time and many people know that this can be a time when communication is full of potential pitfalls and technology doesn’t work as smoothly as usual.

This year all three Mercury retrograde periods take place in the air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Here are the dates:

  • First Mercury Retrograde: January 21 [17 Aquarius 01] – February 11 [1 Aquarius 21]
  • Second Mercury Retrograde: May 19 [13 Gemini 08] – June 11 [4 Gemini 34]
  • Third Mercury Retrograde: September 17 [15 Libra 53] – October 9 [0 Libra 58]

Mercury Retrograde in air signs feels busy as if your mind has so many thoughts that it may spiral out of control. The Mercury retrograde dates above would be great periods to unplug or go on a digital detox. Use techniques to calm your mind and reflect, reassess, review, rework, etc.

Traditionally Mercury retrograde is not the time to make major decisions or a major purchase and you may feel flummoxed with Mercury on go slow in air. Misunderstandings are rife and it’s worth double-checking important dates, meetings or interviews as well as having plan B or C up your sleeve. Be open-minded and flexible.

Mercury retrograde is the perfect period to capitalise on all the re-words ready to speak up, gather in new information and move forward once Mercury turns direct.

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