2015 Your Year Ahead: Fire Sign Trines

sunIn 2015 there’s plenty to celebrate as in the first half of the year the main emphasis is on the dynamic element of fire and the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Here comes the light after the dark, fire sign joy.

Fire blazes bright and can flicker away gently or rage out of control. The element of fire is a lively and dynamic energy, the spark that ignites motivation, enthusiasm and excitement. Full of passion and desire, fire signs live life impulsively, embracing the new and chasing after adventure.

This year, two of the happening planets, the movers and shakers of the cosmos, Jupiter and Uranus, are ready and willing to take you on a magical mystery tour, a thrilling roller coaster ride.

Jupiter, the biggest planet in the heavens, representing opportunity and expansion, entered the fire sign Leo on July 16th 2014 and on September 25th 2014, Jupiter made a stunning trine aspect to Uranus in Aries.

These two planets remain dominant in the first half of 2015 and they meet up twice more in trine aspect on March 3rd and June 22nd 2015. Jupiter adds a little bit of luck to the equation and both these planets, Jupiter and Uranus, seek out space and freedom.

This is about living life to the full, chasing your dreams, making things happen. In mythology, both Jupiter and Uranus were Sky Gods so reach high, look to the stars and take a well-timed risk to follow a path that’s new, exciting and fills you with hope.

There’s more on what the Jupiter-Uranus trines mean for you and your star sign in my ebook, Your 2015 Stars. Click on the link below to order your personal copy.

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